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My name is Amber and I have been studying and practicing Astrology for over 10 years. I began, like most teenagers, checking my horoscopes and sun sign traits. I would check the sun sign of my friends and boys that we liked to see if we were “compatible”. I soon discovered that there was SO much more than the sun sign, and down the rabbit hole I went! I realized how much I loved understanding the complexities of human behavior and so I decided to study Psychology at Arizona State University.

I planned to become a marriage and family counselor after graduating, but in 2013 I began a spiritual journey that showed me a different path. As most who have embarked on their spiritual journey will tell you, when you begin to align with your true self and purpose everything else falls into place. I started to understand Astrology from an energetic level and how the celestial energies affect our being.

Maybe you’re here because you’re just curious.. Or maybe you would like to know what the stars say about your love life or career.. Or maybe you want to align with your soul’s path.. My goal is to help you understand yourself and your life so that you can begin to live it the way that YOU want to.

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